Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Walking Changes Everything

In the last 4 week, N has gone from dedicated crawler to proficient walker. He can stand up without holding on to things too, which is something it took E ages to master. N is 16 months, and I love that he has been a late walker, lots of extra cuddles in soft play, but his independence has bloomed now he can walk. 

Even better, the interplay between the boys has improved from just squabbling to full on silliness. They wrestle, push one another in the car and the old favourite, grab n' run. 

My youngest learning to walk has actually made my life easier, 2 mobile little boys who can run on the wet grass and tire themselves out is wonderful. Well, it's better than judging myself for letting my baby crawl on the Tarmac/ grass/ sand/ wood chip. 

Hurrah for walking!!

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