Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Small For Dates

My bump measured as 'small for dates' during my pregnancy - so basically I had extra scans to check Baby N's growth, amniotic fluid levels and the placental blood flow. Growth was checked every 2 weeks as this is the optimal time to measure changes in growth (I presume that this is because of the margins for error in the ultrasound measurements).

I found this aspect of my second pregnancy scary and each night before a scan I got a bit worked up (I'm a habitual worrier) and then everything would be fine. 

I was upset, worrying that it was because of something i had done. My extensive research in forums and on Google taught me that there was no real reason for Baby N being a tiddler, he just was (and still is) a skinny bean.

Did you have any extra scans during pregnancy? Even if they're for something a bit scary, it's nice and reassuring to see baby.

Thanks for reading, C x
(Please note, this post is based upon my experience and it is in no way offering any sort of advice - if you are worried, talk to a midwife or doctor without delay)

Pregnancy with a baby to care for

I spotted that I was pregnant SO fast the second time around, it seemed to last forever. 
Morning sickness whilst weaning was terrible - I still cannot stand the smell or thought of courgette! I also don't think I'll forget my then 8 month old Eboy, mimicking the sounds emanating from a McDonald's toilets!! 
I found being pregnant to be really tough generally, both times and still to this day have no idea how some women, 
a) look so darned good or 
b) have more than 2 (or even more than 10).
I coped, and I am a lazy, moany, martyr and I get man-flu.

Basically, you'll learn to cope... honestly! In retrospect i'm glad that Eboy didn't walk for most of my pregnancy - i just made the best of what i had (including mornings spent lying on the lounge floor with Eboy in a bouncer so I could limit my morning sickness) and enjoying a captive audience for playing with toys - don't underestimate how nice it is for a baby to stay where you put them.

Carrying a toddler with a big bump in tow becomes part of life, I used this opportunity to teach Eboy a few skills for independence: as soon as he could crawl I set about teaching him to climb stairs (and then back down again facing forwards (holding my hands and backwards on his own)). This also helped once Baby N arrived (anything that made my life even a modicum easier was worthwhile!!)