Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Small For Dates

My bump measured as 'small for dates' during my pregnancy - so basically I had extra scans to check Baby N's growth, amniotic fluid levels and the placental blood flow. Growth was checked every 2 weeks as this is the optimal time to measure changes in growth (I presume that this is because of the margins for error in the ultrasound measurements).

I found this aspect of my second pregnancy scary and each night before a scan I got a bit worked up (I'm a habitual worrier) and then everything would be fine. 

I was upset, worrying that it was because of something i had done. My extensive research in forums and on Google taught me that there was no real reason for Baby N being a tiddler, he just was (and still is) a skinny bean.

Did you have any extra scans during pregnancy? Even if they're for something a bit scary, it's nice and reassuring to see baby.

Thanks for reading, C x
(Please note, this post is based upon my experience and it is in no way offering any sort of advice - if you are worried, talk to a midwife or doctor without delay)

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