Thursday, 24 April 2014

No work today

Ok, so this morning I lost a fight with my anxiety and depression. I called in sick, after a long hard week or so of being sad, distant and generally finding it very difficult to cope with my home life. 

I cried and tried to explain to MrB, who has known me for a very long time and remembers my work-avoidance behaviour from my previous depression. 

I started looking at the cbt self help info I'd downloaded onto my phone and found an ACE (achievement, closeness and enjoyment) log. This is a tool designed to help people to see that good in their life - I realised that work ticks all of these boxes. 

Work is exhausting and leaves me with little energy left to do day to day stuff, let alone cope with my mental health as well. However, I've decided that I'll just have to  go in tomorrow, as the available information shows that it's good for me. 

Wish me luck!

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