Monday, 4 August 2014

PND hour Wednesday 6 August

I'm excited and daunted to be helping out and hosting #pndhour on Twitter on Wednesday the 6th of August.  

The topic this week will be about depression during pregnancy and difficult pregnancies. 'Difficult' is different for everyone - my pregnancies weren't classically difficult but I had pre-natal depression, pelvic girdle pain (some call it SPD), early borderline hyperemesis gravidarum oh and N was a small for dates bump from 28 weeks. These things made my experience pretty difficult and almost certainly made any depression that I already had worse.

Pregnancy is magical, like popcorn (yeah, I think that making popcorn is magical).

Being pregnant is the start of a massive physical and emotional roller coaster, as well as marking a significant life change. You can follow all of the advice, provide your body with all of the nutrients it needs to cook a baby, but, at the end of the day, this tiny embryo/ foetus/ baby inside you grows, completely away from your influence. I think that my liking for control, really didn't fit well with this pregnancy truth. 

Some women make pregnancy look so easy, and I'm sure I did too (when I wasn't puking or limping). Perhaps I just didn't realise how hard it actually is. 

I'm looking forward to the conversation tomorrow night, 8-9pm (UK time). Come along to twitter, if you loved pregnancy, if you hated it, if more pregnancies changed your mind... Whatever your opinions and experiences it doesn't matter, chat, share and hashtag.

Caroline (@methreeandpnd)

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