Sunday, 3 August 2014

Self Care Plan

Rosey over at PND and Me shared her self care plan the other day 

This has inspired me to share my self-care plan. I've had PND for around a year now, and I have developed a few ways that help me to not feel quite as sad over the last few weeks. 

I do my homework most nights. While I was waiting for CBT I realised that meds and some counselling had given me enough mental space to write about my day. I have a huge notepad, and I try to write in it every night around tea time (they say that routine is the key to success). 


I write:

3 actions that help me to see my positive qualities. 

3 activities that have taken effort for me to do. 

I record negative thoughts - this has been my actual CBT homework for a few weeks so I've added it as a permanent fixture. 

Baby free time 

I need time away from the boys, they drive me potty. I love them, and perhaps I  shouldn't love my free time as much as I do, but it all helps.  


I have stopped drinking full sugar Coke and having chocolate for breakfast. when I'm feeling low. Ok, sometimes I still have a mini kit kat and I still drink about 5 cans of diet coke a day, but at least I'm not worsening the sugar roller coaster even more. 

Aside from these, ahem, minor things I do eat reasonably healthily (aside from a penchant for eating out). 


I have forgiven myself and let myself off the hook for letting the boys watch TV. I have accepted that I do my best and that if 3 hours helps to smooth out our days alone, then that is nothing (25% of their waking hours). Frozen and Peppa Pig often help me to get a shower. 

Letting go 

I love my job, but the point came where I realised that my depression had reached a stage where I needed to stop everything and remember how to enjoy being a mum. I'm off for around 10 weeks total right now, and I'm going back soon. I have had to forgive myself for being signed off sick, because I felt huge guilt for just stepping out of the house - and my depression makes me get out and about. 

I do lots of bits, like trying to stay tidy (I'm a natural slob) and doing a little exercise, which does make me feel a little better - a therapist told me that gentle exercise is better than intense exercise if you're doing it just for endorphins. 

All of these things help me, in their own way. I don't do all of them every day, and I have bad times (minutes, hours, days). 

I'm lucky that I have enough energy and the support of MrB to help me to make time to help myself. 

Have a nice day x

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  1. A great self-care plan, I hope it helps you to recover. I found improving my diet and increasing my excercise helped a lot too - I started running which gave me something for 'just me' and helps me release a lot of negativity on bad days x


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