Friday, 1 August 2014

Ode to the Baby Jogger City Select

*Sob* I'm selling my beloved Baby Jogger City Select buggy on ebay. I didn't realise how sad a time this actually is until I came to box it up (in the original boxes). As soon as I knew I was pregnant with N, we were set on this wonderful buggy (a close second was the Mountain Buggy Duet). The key feature was that the seats could face one another, or in multiple other combinations. It meant that one child didn't end up in a seat beneath the other one. E would not have appreciated it at all and aren't we all just after an easy life, whenever possible?

This buggy has got me out of the house when I have been sad, desperate for a diet coke or on a leisurely walk to a local playground. It's been on 3 holidays, facilitated the eating of lots of bananas and it's kept 2 little monkeys under control in IKEA.  With the boys stapled into this buggy, I was in control of everything. 

Who doesn't want a foot massage from their little brother?

For our two, it has simply been the best available (oh, and Roger Federer had one for his first set of twins). I could push it around Topshop on a solo trip out, without getting stuck down the aisles. 

Dear City Select, I'll miss you. Thank you for your help over the last 17 months. 
It's time for you to go and help another family get out and about. 

Lots of love, Caroline x

Our first trip out after N was born, March 2013. 

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