Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Why Pop Tarts?

I suppose you are wondering why I am Pop Tart Mum? Well you are here, reading so I shall get on with it.

It all started when E was about 6-7 months old, and I started my love affair with Ocado...who stock American imports of stuff, including Pop Tarts. I had never had one before, with MrB dismissing them as being 'horrible' and 'rubbish'. Ignoring his snobbery, I ordered myself a box of Hot Fudge sundae ones. My goodness they are tasty, and they come with rainbow sprinkles set into the frosting.

They are like a warm bourbon cream biscuit, with icing on top and inside. Lovely.

I began referring to myself as a 'pop tart mum' in text messages to MrB. I thought I was being quite witty. To clarify, a pop tart mum is a mother who likes convenience and junk food, who also likes to think she is sort of cool.

That is it. I am pop tart mum (until the brand owners tell me to stop. I'm not ever buying the domain name). If that happens, then I'll be Pop Art Mum. Just FYI.

Where did you get your twitter handle inspiration from?

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