Sunday, 20 September 2015


I'm so busy at the minute:

Work was mega busy in August, I am lucky that my job can only really be done at work. However, I throw myself into my work, giving it my all whilst I am there. I'm working on not over accommodating at work, which means sticking to my guns when I need to, saying no when necessary and being true to myself (ie. Being nice!).

Home is busy, with life and the room transitions of other children (including Ewan's best friend!) have contributed to some very emotional weeks fr my two mini humans.

Being a wife and best friend to MrB is hard when I am shattered from work and parenting. We are getting by and hopefully my gradual improvement is helping him out a bit.

My DIT (dynamic interpersonal therapy) is due to end on Wednesday. It has been a hard few months, especially when I felt the pressure because of the 16 session remit. Basically I have learned that I like to over accommodate others and that I hate not being in control .... I have also learned that I love analysing myself. My therapist calls me his 'star pupil' ...that'll be because I was frustrated and used Google books to find out more about dit.

I sort of can't tell whether I'm unravelling or whether I'm coping. I'm not crying much, but I'm not sure if that is a feature to look out for.  I am the busiest I have ever been in my life, with a lot of plates to keep spinning.  

For now, all I have to do is practise self compassion and do what needs doing.

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