Saturday, 2 July 2016

Why I Don't Want to Win the Lottery

My mum and stepdad won the lottery in 2004.

4.3 million pounds.

It changed the life of my impoverished family. Before I left to go to uni, there were 8 of us living in a small 3 bedroomed house. One bathroom, one toilet, 2 adults and 6 children.

8 people, living off one fairly low salary (my stepdad was skilled, and he worked hard, I cannot fault that side of him).

So, yeah, me and my 5 younger brothers and sisters endured a very sparse childhood. So winning the lottery, for me was all about improving their lives. Their parents, their mum and dad could have made a huge difference to the youngest four, who were 14, 13, 12 and 6 years of age.

Instead, the parents spoiled the girls, and me and my eldest brother to some extent. Sure, they moved house, had en suite bathrooms and a room *each*, but the lack of emotional intelligence as well as mental health issues meant that it physically hurt me to see how badly treated they children were, especially my youngest two brothers.

My step dad gave up work, my mum didn't continue to work either. I cannot describe what I think of that situation, but suffice to say that I need to work, because my brain is self destructive when not kept occupied.

Winning the lottery may buy a huge house with a swimming pool, a Lamborghini and a gardener, but it cannot heal the wounds and legacy of terrible parenting. And, when the markets go bad, you could end up without any money...imagine.

I will never wish to win the lottery.

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