Sunday, 10 July 2016

I am the self proclaimed queen of potty training boys!

So, I've finally reached the level of blogging about potty training. Be prepared for a rip roaring read!

So at the age of 3 and 3 months, I think we *may* have found the way to help him to harness his daytime needs. Yay!

My potty training must haves

A potty - even a pound shop one - decorate it with stickers if it helps!

Crocs - we have ones from Poundland, just in case shoes are weed on!

Small pedal bin liners with sanitary towels - you can use them to line a potty when out and about. Makes getting out that bit easier

I advise waiting until your child is ready. Ignore the '2 year old rule' of the 80s, think more along the lines of 3 years. Cut yourself some slack!

I had 2 children in nappies...for the record, it was easy! You only have to remember your own toileting needs.

I have 2 boys, and I only ever have 2 days off with them at a stretch because of my working days. It's perfect for everything, except for 'potty training' advice in books, which usually suggests you have a week off with your little cherub and let them crap all over your carpet or garden.

So, my eldest, was potty ready at 33 months. He refused his nappy very suddenly, needed very occasional reminders and had 2 daytime accidents. Within 2 weeks he refused his bedtime nappy and the only thing we had to do was to stop a large bedtime drink of milk.

He was really easy!!

Now, Noah, has been aware of his bladder control for a while. So I pushed him, maybe a little earlier than I needed to. He tried, didn't like it and then refused to go near to a potty for months.

I've always had them coming to the loo with me, I've normalised toilets, discussing diarrhoea and 'leakies'. Making no big deal of anything, but letting them know what to do.

I was worried that Noah was afraid of the potty/ toilet, so I did what any self-respecting, smartphone-wielding parent would do...I googled! Each time either boy sat on the little blue plastic throne, I gave them a tiny piece of chocolate even with nappy and trousers on. Within a couple of hours, the fear had evaporated and Noah had discovered that it fitted his head. The blue really brought out the colour of his eyes!

A week later, after a few spells of leaving his nappy off, in was pottering in the kitchen and got shouts of 'done a wee' and with another hour 'done a poo!'. Ewan has been really helpful and supportive of his little brother today. He makes me very proud. They both do.

Update: no accidents at home, half a day of accidents at nursery (2nd day of training)and he has been dry day and night since.

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