Monday, 7 March 2016

Getting my Chakra Sorted!

I'd like to start by saying that I have the flexibility of a lolly stick. So I am not going to be instagramming pics of myself working out as the sun rises in the morning. Now you are safe in that knowledge, I shall begin!

I tried out pilates about 10 years ago, I fancied it and dropped in a couple of times. It clicked with me, growing up with a negative perception of my body taught me to always suck my tummy in. So I was used to the lateral breathing thing.

Then, last summer, I noticed a sign that read 'pilates, 9-10' which also happened to be the time that the boys often went to Grandma and Grandad's house. So I gave it a bash!

I loved it, the classes are full of different people, there is no pressure to wear the right thing, be skinny (or young!).  Then in stopped going, because I literally was so busy in December that I couldn't get time at all!

So in tried yoga, I knew nothing, except 'Namaste' and a few poses that I'd picked up from waybuloo and cosmic kids. I thought I'd hate yoga, I'd never fancied it, because it meant I had to try something new by just giving it a go. And that it my LEAST preferred learning style because I was mocked by an insensitive mother and stepdad when I was growing up (in have no idea how i coped with chemistry lab sessions...hours of just doing and trying...well I didn't really cope!!).

So, since I went to my first yoga class it has become and revelation. The original hatha teacher left the studio, but his classes have been taken over by other teachers. One of whom is so fab that I want to do a late shift every Friday so I can go before work! And the other is so grounded and brilliant at encouraging self-caring practise.

So I have committed £42 a month to Chakra Studio, because:
it (yoga and pilates) makes me feel good
It's cheaper than therapy
It helps me with my anxiety aches and pains
It teaches me to relax
It encourages me to just have a go. To want to develop. I'm excited about classes!

£42 sounds steep, yeah? Not really, considering it's for unlimited classes and it will mean I make a bigger effort to ask for babysitting.

Thanks for reading. If you have never tried, I really recommend it!

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