Saturday, 27 February 2016

Marble Jar Rewards

I've always been a compliment-driven person, I didn't get any as a child. Nothing in did was good enough, so I still struggle with my self-worth as an adult.

As a result of this, I wanted to start a rewards system, so I could have tangible proof that I did compliment them. For those days when I feel that all is lost and I can't even have a wee in peace.

Initially I thought pom poms, they are colourful and easy to get hold of. But then a friend said that she has used marble jars for her children for some time and that it is a really good way to reward helpful behaviour.

So, I have 2 cleaned peanut butter jars and 200 marbles. Total cost £4 (not including the peanut butter).

Every time a boy does something kind, nice, helpful, or makes good choices, they get a marble (and a big verbal acknowledgement).
Putting shoes on,
hanging coats up when the come inside (instead of wazzing them on the floor)
Coming to the table at mealtimes and not screaming (Noah, that's you!),
Being polite unexpectedly,
Being helpful before nursery even though they feel upset (this is an important one, they are allowed to feel upset and I totally validate that feeling, but refusing to get dressed, kicking shoes off, etc was common before the jars).

I have visual proof that I have 2 well behaved, lovely boys and they get real-time feedback both verbally and a reminder of the marble jars, which I keep on the kitchen windowsill. This means that when I do shout at them, or tell them off for being little shockers, that I don't feel as wracked with guilt as I once did. Because I KNOW that I reward good behaviour.

I'm getting to grips with removing marbles when they are really trying, hitting and refusing to make it better is a definite marble out.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I'm really proud of myself and I'd recommend this system!

Today is the day of the first reward, and I'm feeling pretty generous, so we are off to the big toy shop that is run by the Geoffrey the Giraffe! Ewan is dying to get a Nexo Knights set from the new Lego series.

Until next time xx

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