Friday, 21 November 2014

Sometimes You Have to be a Little Bit Naughty

I have always loved Matilda by Ronald Dahl, I identified with her character, her dysfunctional parents and feeling a bit trapped. I also REALLY wished that I could 'do' telekinesis.

The stage show is amazing, it brings the story to life in a much less sacrilegious manner than the awful move did (I haven't seen the movie, I saw the trailer, it looked awful).

One song really resonated with me a few weeks ago, 'naughty' sung by the lead character. It is basically about how when life is treating you badly, finding a way to help yourself out or at least having a bit of fun.

My depression was deep, it was dark and I was stuck at the bottom of a pit that I couldn't climb out of without help. This song is the soundtrack to my recovery from PND and my attempts to keep it at bay for the future.

'You mustn't let a little thing like little stop you' - depression makes you feel small, it wants you  to feel insignificant.

'Just because you think that life's not fair, it doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it.' - life sometimes sucks and life with little children in it can sometimes feel downright miserable, try to choose to be happy. You can't always, hell I definitely can't always.

'Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty!' - TV, McDonald's, not vacuuming today, taking the easy way out and not going to play group that day. Sometimes, being a little bit 'naughty' is a worthwhile protective behaviour.

NOTE: There is enough stuff around in the media and on the internet about the risks of too much TV, screentime and junk food. This post is a safe place, written to help parents get over the hurdles that post natal depression can put into every day life. Common sense and love x

Do you have a song that inspires you to feel optimistic about something bad or negative in your life?

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  1. I think Chesney gawkes I am the one and only ~ which sort of sounds selfish


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