Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Small Win

Caring for yourself, when you have 2 little boys to look after is not easy on sad afternoons. Especially if you feel a bit peaky (I'm sterilised, I'm definitely not pregnant).

E had finished his quiet time and N woke up from his nap ... I decided to put Mulan on. The songs are lovely, the morals are fab, and I do point out that fighting in real life is not OK. I felt guilty, I texted MrB to tell him about my guilt. Then, I opened the door and let the boys into the garden, just for half an hour, until I had to cook tea, but they loved it and my guilt dissolved. 

Ok, so I need to get better at taking photos that are 'in focus'   

Then, they watched Mulan again while I cooked tea, but I didn't feel guilty because I was doing all I could. I had a good moment and was able to follow It through without too much yelling in the garden. 

Why is my 16 month old obsessed with eating moss? Why does he want to play with the gravel and not with his toys? 

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