Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What's up, doc?

So, I have successfully come off 75mg sertraline,  and am still on my nightly dose of 15mg mirtazapine. That was ok. Lots of physical symptoms, but i could manage.

I'm struggling now. It's a week since I came off sertraline and started on venlafaxine.

The SSRI effects of sertraline have left my system, meanwhile the effects of venlafaxine on my neurotransmitters are yet to take effect. This is the age old '3-4 weeks to take effect' rule (cumulative effect) but also because I'm taking one small dose of immediate release venlafaxine each day.

This one small dose peaks a couple of hours after taking and then ebbs away (venlafaxine has a famously short half-life as the body breaks it down), leaving me feeling VERY depressed in the evenings. In a week, I can start taking 2 doses a day.

My GP has to slowly titrate (add) the new antidepressant because mixing different types can result in serotonin syndrome, which is very dangerous. I am, therefore doing as I am told, to the exact letter.

I am not dissociating or struggling like in was last time I tried to switch from sertraline to mirtazapine, nor am I understanding why some people see suicide as an option. I'm 'just depressed'.

As a bonus, i haven't really noticed any side effects as-yet.

So I'm eating well,
avoiding alcohol,
getting early nights,
doing extra yoga in the evenings at home
And running every third day (so I don't injure my ankle again).
I feel bad, but I will be ok again.

Just feels like one step forward and two steps back *dances*.

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