Saturday, 3 October 2015

Drawing tiny little pictures of skellingtons... get across the sense of impending doom. Drop It, Doe Eyes by Los Campesinos was the theme tune to my first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

It's a song about a breakup, using wonderful roadkill metaphors and misery set to a lovely chimey, clinky indie-pop music song.

And then the realisation hits that not even two gospel choirs could save us now

I was trapped, in a new, uncontrollable situation and bloody SOCIETY wanted me to keep it quiet. The first trimester of my first pregnancy was the loneliest 12 weeks of my entire life.

I am truly lucky to have had 2 pregnancies and 2 babies, and have never experienced loss. I was terrified of it though, and I told colleagues who worked closely with me (so they knew why I was running to the loo every other patient!!).

I really hope that soon, women and men can share their early pregnancy news and not be confronted with *fingers on lips* shhhh.

Your pregnancy, your decision, your voice. Much love xx

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